1-2-3′s: The Basic Principle

The 1-2-3’s of Doing More Than Appease is a principle based on three questions we must ask ourselves when any opportunity to serve arises:

  1. What can I do now? (This is what most of us perform whenever an opportunity to serve arises. It’s the bare minimum that must be done in order to “right a wrong”, even if not done in a WOW manner, usually just to appease a customer.)
  2. What else can I do now? (This is the question that most of us don’t ask; most of us ask and answer question #1 and consider our job done. But we will never create a WOW if we just do the bare minimum… we must go over and above and ask this question.)
  3. What else can I do later – or for later? (This is the step that requires proactive thinking and action on behalf of another person… and is really where WOW’s are created.)

View this short vide for a brief explanation and a great example of the 1-2-3’s in action!


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