WOW! Workplace “Fun” Trumps “Boring” Any Day!

Here is a cool little video demonstration of how different, unique and enjoyable we can make any occasion if we just add a little fun (notice that the musicians are all the same person wearing different vests – a great technological feat in itself!):

Wedding Musician(s) Gone Wild

(Thanks to Mel’s Videos for posting such a cool video!)

This concept applies to work, too.  There are many opportunities for us to allow our co-workers to have a little fun at work.  Some suggestions are to:

  • Put a little chocolate (or stuffed animal or other surprise) on a co-worker’s desk every day for a week to greet them in the morning, and just let them know you’re thinking of them and appreciate what they do to make your job easier or more fun each day.
  • Write a thank you note to someone and mail it to their home address, instead of having them open and read it at work.
  • Bring a picnic lunch to work and share it with your department.  Bring red and white checkered plastic tablecloths, some paper plates and cups, plastic utensils, lemonade… you could even buy some fake “ants” and bring them to the party just to liven it up a bit!  You can bring the food yourself, or just have everyone bring something – then surprise them with the picnic items without telling them about it ahead of time.
  • Have an Ice Cream Social – for breakfast!  Who says you can’t eat ice cream in the morning?

Think of fun things that your employees and co-workers would enjoy… and surprise them once in a while, rather than just allowing every day to be a new version of the same-old/same-old!  Don’t just do it once; do it periodically.  It will put an atmosphere of fun into the workplace that will make people open up, feel more connected, and actually enjoy pieces of their workday even more simply because someone cared to do something nice for them.

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