Proving Your Value Can Save Your Job!

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What value do you provide?

I just heard a great story from a friend and wanted to share the lessons learned, especially in this economy where we all need to prove our value and hold onto our jobs.

Many years ago, this friend (who is a corporate trainer) was in a company where two divisions merged, leaving the organization with two trainers.  This was about 30 years ago, when training was done with overhead projectors because PowerPoint and personal computers didn’t even exist.

At one point, an Executive Admin came to him with a stack of papers from which she wanted him to create overhead slides.  Turns out, it was a management presentation containing merger plans.  One slide was of particular interest to him because it contained the names of all the people being proposed for a layoff… and HIS name was on it!

Imagine his surprise!  But instead of getting upset or going to his boss, he capitalized on an opportunity to subtly let his value to the organization be known.  He ran into the CEO in the hallway, and knowing that he had trained two people in the previous year on some very specific skills who were excelling in their new positions, he asked the CEO how those two people were working out.  Of course, the CEO replied that he was extremely pleased with their performance, and he thanked the trainer for his excellent training of these individuals.

Lo and behold… when the final layoff list came out, his name was no longer on it!  By subtly and professionally ensuring that the right people recognized and remembered the value he provided, he was able to keep his name off that list and preserve his job.

So, what value do you add to your organization?  Do people know it?  Do they remember it?  Speak up – subtly and professionally – and ensure that everyone knows the unique and valuable services you provide… and you give yourself the chance to create the same WOW results for your organization and your career!

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