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Skills Portfolio

Using a Skills Portfolio works!

Too many people are struggling to get job offers, even when they have interviews for jobs they are highly qualified to perform. The best solution for this challenge is to use a Skills Portfolio to differentiate yourself from every other candidate!

The reason a Skills Portfolio works is that it goes far beyond a resume and cover letter in terms of explaining who you really are, as well as your competencies. But most importantly, it provides PROOF of performance so employers don’t have to take your word for it – the proof is there in front of them!

Here are some tips to help you create a highly effective Skills Portfolio:

  1. In addition to the traditional tools of a resume and cover letter that tells employers what you can do, include a Personal Mission Statement that tells them who you are.
  2. Include work samples (not any that will divulge trade secrets or confidential company information). If you must delete data to protect confidentiality, replace that data with substitute information that demonstrates the concepts of your achievements, but does not divulge the details.
  3. Include testimonials, recommendations and certificates that offer proof of advanced achievements and training.
  4. Create a “one-sheet” that summarizes your experience, testimonials, core competencies and other vital information on one piece of paper. Many professionals do this so others can see at a glance all pertinent information about that person.
  5. Create an effective item to leave behind once the interview is over, so they can’t forget you – and so your information doesn’t get “lost in the shuffle.”

Using a Skills Portfolio has produced the following results for people I personally know:

  • After 10 months of interviews with no job offers, I helped my daughter create a Skills Portfolio – and she got a job offer on her SECOND interview after starting to use it;
  • A marketing professional I know got a job offer ON THE SPOT using her Skills Portfolio, after being told they weren’t hiring that day (just interviewing);
  • A friend of mine had no luck for several months, but after I gave her my information on creating a Skills Portfolio; she used it when she went on three more interviews… and got JOB OFFERS AT EVERY ONE OF THEM!

Just remember – you must do something different to stand out from all the other great job candidates out there. You must WOW them at the interview (and by the way, creating a Skills Portfolio will help you think proactively enough to be more effective even, on an online form, so you can GET the interview in the first place)! WOW job interviews get job offers… ho-hum, same-old/same-old interviews don’t!

If you have the skills and experience for the job you want, you can achieve great results by creating a Skills Portfolio for yourself. There is a lot of research online that will tell you how to do this. However, if you’d like to avoid having to “re-invent the wheel,” I’ve done all the research myself (and added even more ideas of my own based on sound design and marketing principles) and put it together in a 62-page workbook, plus downloads of tools, templates, and checklists to help you quickly and easily create all the pieces. I’ve also created a Bonus Report containing 7 Interviewing Tips that will help keep you from negating the effectiveness of the Skills Portfolio by providing great reminders and tips on interviewing success.

If you’d like more information on this package, please view the video on my Skills Portfolio web page at:

Or if you’d like to just download it now for just $17 (or $27 for the physical workbook, CD and Bonus Report), please visit my WOWplace Store at: WOWplace Store

I hope this helps with your future job search efforts!  Please let me know how YOU make out!

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  1. Bruce Geroux says:

    Wow, I wish I had this years ago when I was having trouble finding a job even with my 20+ experience.

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