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Be happy to create WOWs

Be happy to create WOWs

According to author Frank Clayton, when attempting to be happier, most people are putting their efforts in the wrong place. In his article at the following link, he points out the science between happiness and success, shrewdly recognizing that “We are taught to succeed, then we will be happy. Science has proven that it works in exactly the opposite way.”

Click on the title below to read his insightful article containing 20 simple ways to be happier in your life. This is so important because we need to keep the following in mind:

If we’re not happy, we won’t make other people happy – and if we don’t (or can’t) make other people happy, there’s no way we can create WOWs for them or turn our workplace into a WOWplace!,  Enjoy the article!

Get Happy: 20 Scientifically Proven Happiness Activities


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