Talent + New Creative Ideas = WOW

Many artists WOW us with their talent, but this incredible example of extreme talent, combined with the creativity of working with a medium most would never even conceive is possible, is a perfect example of why this artist WOWs us.

Remember, many people have talent and great ideas… but so many of us just think of the great idea, pooh-pooh it (or think that someone else MUST have already done it)… and throw it away.

I can’t even imagine how many “patent” ideas have entered people’s minds, only to be subsequently discarded by them and have someone else actually create it. Has that ever happened to you?  I’ll bet it has!  It’s happened to me, my sister and my father!

Stop shutting down your creative ideas. Give them a little consideration to see if they really should be thrown out… or if you could possibly create small and large WOWs with them for everyone around you!

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2 Responses to Talent + New Creative Ideas = WOW

  1. Michelle says:

    Just WOW. Thanks for sharing, Sandy.

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