5 Things Leaders Need to Know That Your People Won’t Tell You

Being an inspiring leader is all about building and nurturing strong relationships. But what you don’t know CAN hurt you. And often, the higher you go as a leader, the less likely you are to hear the “hard truths” from your people that will help you be a better leader and help them be more engaged.

Here are 5 things that will help you build great relationships with your people, that they probably will never feel comfortable enough to tell you, even if you already have a good relationship with them.

Here’s the list, in case you don’t have time to watch the video (8:20):

  1. Simply saying “hello” (and virtually nothing else personal) every day does not a relationship make.
  2. Being “human” and relatable does not make you weak.
  3. The group mentality can help you or hurt you.
  4. Lower level employees can have high-impact ideas.
  5. Employee complaints and comments about your products and services probably mirror customers’… so pay attention to them.

By keeping these 5 things in mind, you can build better relationships with your people – and your customers – that will help you Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace!

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