Talk About an Innovative Twist on a Familiar Topic!

I love it when I come across something so innovative, yet so simple, that I say WOW!! Take a look at Ikea’s promotion for their new catalog… they call it a BookBook.

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So, what did they do here?  They took the approach that “if everyone else is doing something, we need to do something else.”  And to all those “digital geeks” who say the printed book is dead, they took an innovative spin on the benefits of using their bookbook by addressing all the things that sometimes bug us about digital products:

  1. No cords
  2. No need to re-charge
  3. No lag time for loading pages

In addition, they put a fun spin on the benefits:

  1. “If the product is not there when you first check for it, “refresh” and check for it again the next day.
  2. It can easily be shared among users and pages bookmarked.
  3. It’s password-protected/voice-activated (so clever!!)
  4. It’s free!

I could go on and on about the creativity of this ad… but I’ll spare you any more gushing!

However, I will challenge you to watch this video with an open mind and an eye toward how you can take the lessons illustrated here and apply them to your business to catch people’s attention, get them to talk about you and your business, and get your message out at the same time.

Happy innovating!

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