Homeless Shelter Cafeteria is Turned Into a 5-Star Restaurant!

WOW… take a look at what happened when, through donations of time, talent and a relatively small amount of money, the cafeteria in this homeless shelter was turned into a 5-star restaurant!

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Remaking a homeless shelter into a 5-sstar restaurant!

Remaking a homeless shelter into a 5-star restaurant!

I’m reminded of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episode in which one construction company’s workers came to the company owner and thanked him for enabling them to spend their entire weekend helping build a home (without pay!) for a deserving family they had never met.

Could your organization put together something like this to help others in your community? Do you think your team members would love to be involved in something this special? It doesn’t have to be this big, but this type of activity could be a big step in creating the kind of engagement, loyalty and positive impact we all desire.

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