Gratitude Begins in the Home (Office)

As we gather around the dinner table at this time of Thanksgiving, it is customary for family members to take turns describing what we’re most grateful for. We thank friends and loved ones for their love and support throughout the year. And we tell them how much they have meant to us and how they’ve contributed to our success and happiness.

In the business world, it is also customary for us to reach out to current and past clients and customers, as well as prospective ones, to let them know how much their business and support have meant to our success as an organization. We let them know how much we’re looking forward to working with them in the future, as we all plan how to help each other succeed at a higher level in the coming year(s).

But as we thank our friends, family and clients, let’s not forget one vital constituency that is sometimes missed during this time of celebration and gratitude – our staff, colleagues and co-workers.

These are the people who work tirelessly throughout the year to support our objectives, serve our clients and customers, research ways to make the organization better… and generally help make us all look good.

So, as we thank the people at home who support us, and those who patronize our companies by choosing to buy from us, let’s also take time to thank those who make it happen every workday – and who make work a little more (or a LOT more) enjoyable in the process. Be as specific as possible for each one, to let them know you truly mean what you say – and that you’re not just throwing out a “blanket thank you” because you feel you must… but because you really want to.

And if you happen to be on vacation this week (or you have team members who are on vacation) and can’t let them know before Thanksgiving how much they mean to you, then do it when you all get back.

After all, Thanksgiving isn’t just a DAY… it’s a mindset that we should embrace all year round.

Have a wonderful holiday!


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