50 Ways to WOW Your Others – Tip #1: Slip Out the Back, Jack

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Below is Tip #1 (and yes, the first 8 tips follow the song lyrics… after that, we get creative!)

Tip #1: Slip out the back, Jack

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Do something anonymously.

Not every WOW has to be acknowledged or recognized. In fact, sometimes the BEST WOWs we can receive come from surprise (and unknown) sources!

I know of a family that gives Christmas presents to a needy family every year. They get their children involved to buy, wrap and deliver the presents.

They look for an opportunity to “deliver” the presents when the family will be home, but not necessarily going in and out of the house where they could inadvertently see their “Secret Santa’s.”

Once they know the family is home and seemingly staying inside, they quickly fill porch, knock on the door and slip away unseen. But, they stay around (hidden from view) to enjoy the reaction from the family!


So, find a way to do something anonymously today – and watch how exciting it can be to create a “secret” WOW for someone else!

Remember, you can:

Please leave your tips and suggestions for secretly WOWing others below!


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