50 Ways to WOW Your Others – Tip #18: Give it Back Better Than Ever

Tip #18: Give it Back Better Than Ever

50 Ways to WOW, creating WOW leadership and customer service

Return a borrowed item in as good—if not better—condition than when you borrowed it.

Be sure to return all items in better condition than when you borrowed them.

My husband is a real neatnick – to the nth degree! But any time he asks anyone if he can borrow anything, he gets it because they know that a) they’ll get it back… at all, and b) it will be in just as good condition – if not better – as it was in when they lent it to him.

We’ve all lent items out, only to NEVER get them back or get them back broken, with pieces missing or dirty… or the car is out of gas.

Who wants that? Don’t do this to people – and that alone will WOW them!


Remember, you can also:

Please leave your tips and suggestions for giving something back in better condition than you received it.


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