50 Ways to WOW Your Others – Tip #44: “I’m so happy to see you/hear from you!”

Tip #44: “I’m so happy to see you/hear from you!”

50 Ways to WOW, creating WOW leadership and customer service

Enthusiastically and cheerfully greet everyone – in person and on the phone.

Make them feel special and welcome!

One of the greatest compliments I’ve received (from many people) is that I always greet them as if I’m really happy to see them or hear from them. I get excited and let it show, I use their name, I’ll throw in a little personal comment if I have one.

Sometimes I even joke around now that we have Caller ID (a few times some of my mastermind members have called and I’ve answered the phone as if they’ve called their own office. So, if my friend Susie Jones calls, I’ll answer: “Good afternoon, Susie Jones’ office – how may I help you?” It makes them pause for a second, and then they get the biggest kick out of that!

On the other hand, every time I call my doctor’s office, the people I joke around with all the time in person are so dead and unresponsive on the phone that I actually had to ask a couple of times: “Do you remember me?”

So surprise and delight people with your greetings – and let them know you’re glad to hear from them!


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Please leave your tips and suggestions for showing someone you’re glad to see or hear from them.


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