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50 Ways to WOW Your Others – Tip #4: Just Listen to Me

Tip #4: Just Listen to Me! Offer to train, coach or mentor someone. You have a lot of expertise that you probably take for granted. Figure out what you’re great at and offer to help someone else in that area. … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Show Respect – by GOING FIRST

When it comes to respect, I have two words for you: GO FIRST We all want to be shown respect; it’s a natural human condition. However, too often when we hear about respect (or a lack thereof), it’s because someone is … Continue reading

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To Serve Clients Properly, Sometimes You Have to Rock the Boat

Administrative Professionals and other service-based representatives are taught to always “smooth things over” and make problems go away.  They are the problem-solvers, the ones to whom responsibility often falls for getting things done, especially in the face of obstacles. However, … Continue reading

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Does Your Body Language Say, “I Respect You?”

If you have ever watched the TV comedy, “Everybody Loves Raymond,” you know that Raymond’s wife, Debra, loves to call him an “Idiot” whenever he does something dumb.  Sometimes, his actions are SO dumb that she even rolls her eyes. … Continue reading

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There are no small positions – only small expectations

Creating WOW experiences at work can sometimes seem daunting.  In fact, have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m just a ‘peon’ here. No one will listen to me… what can I do?” Once we begin to expect more from ourselves (and … Continue reading

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1-2-3′s: The Basic Principle

The 1-2-3’s of Doing More Than Appease is a principle based on three questions we must ask ourselves when any opportunity to serve arises: What can I do now? (This is what most of us perform whenever an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Proactive thinking – and action – save time and create WOW’s!

By thinking ahead and proactively taking action to help save time, eliminate phone tag, do a favor for someone, or just go over and above, we can create WOW’s for ourselves, our bosses, their associates… and many others. Play it through, think it out – and then take care of what’s needed before it’s requested! This is an incredible WOW! Continue reading

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