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Create a Lifesaving WOW

The following video is an incredible help for anyone who is in a position to help someone suffering from a cardiac event.  You don’t need to be licensed in CPR to do this – and no mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is needed.  … Continue reading

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Beauty Is All Around Us – Look For It!

Sometimes we can create a WOW in our lives just by watching something beautiful that reminds us of just how incredible the world around us is.  It inspires us, gives us hope, and reminds us that beauty is all around … Continue reading

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Create an Impossible WOW

Even though we know it’s impossible to fly without support, I would have thought this type of illusion was also impossible… but apparently it’s not.  The lesson here is to believe in the power of the human spirit and in our … Continue reading

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What to Do When You’re Being Disrespected

What do you do when you’re being disrespected at work, at home, or in any other situation?  Whether it’s an occasional occurrence or a frequent one, it doesn’t feel good when it’s happening and it’s tough to keep your emotions … Continue reading

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