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There are no small positions – only small expectations

Creating WOW experiences at work can sometimes seem daunting.  In fact, have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m just a ‘peon’ here. No one will listen to me… what can I do?” Once we begin to expect more from ourselves (and … Continue reading

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Humor Eases Difficult Messages

Have you ever had to deliver a difficult message? Or a boring one? Remember that a little dose of humor may just be the “spoonful of honey that makes the medicine go down” and find a way to appropriately connect with others on another level… through their funny bone! Continue reading

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Human Duties Always Accompany Job Duties

Are you often so focused on that task at hand at work that you forget to be “human”? Remember, even though we have job duties to accomplish at work, we also have human duties that accompany our jobs.  Take a … Continue reading

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Talk About Encouragement!

We can create WOW experiences for co-workers and creatively and meaningfully encourage them to achieve their dreams by “Acting as if” they’ve already accomplished them.
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“Backing Off” Does Not Equal “Backing Down”

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had sleepless nights, excessive worry, agitation, and fear – all due to someone’s (another person’s or your own) need to win at all costs? Continue reading

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Deadlines in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

If you’ve ever had a deadline creep up on you when you thought you still had plenty of time, take a lesson from Jurassic Park and follow these tips for more effectively managing fast-approaching deadlines. Continue reading

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