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Motivating an UN-motivated YOU!

Sometimes we all get de-motivated, don’t we? We try to do something nice to create “WOW’s” for ourselves and those around us, but sometimes it feels as though everyone and everything is against us. What happens inside when things go … Continue reading

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Senior Wedding Humor

We all need to keep our sense of humor and keep the ability to laugh at ourselves alive and well. This gentleman personifies the concept in song! Continue reading

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Ever Felt Old?

Have you ever been guilty of looking at others your own age and thinking, “Surely I can’t look that old?” Well, you’ll love this story. My name is Alice and I was sitting in the waiting room for my first … Continue reading

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Talk about creativity!

A cute joke appeared on the Internet today – an “obituary” for the Pillsbury Doughboy… Even if you think it’s a bit corny, the clever wordplay and use of humor are noteworthy and worth considering when you want to add … Continue reading

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The Bus Driver

How much time and energy are wasted trying to address issues that don’t exist… simply because we assumed? Continue reading

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The Bishop

A church was celebrating its 100th Anniversary, and several former pastors and the bishop were in attedance. At one point the minister had gathered the children at the altar for a talk about the importance of the day. He began … Continue reading

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Children’s Inheritances

Leave your children enough to do anything… but not enough to do nothing. (Warren Buffett)

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Spoil Your Spouse

Spoil your spouse, not your children (Unknown author)

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