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The Nuances of Customer Service Bring You From Very Good to WOW!

My family just got back from a short “stay-cation” (where we took a few days off, visited popular local attractions, dined out and stayed at a local resort here in the Orlando area). The resort was very good, but a few … Continue reading

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You’ve Mastered Active Listening… Now Practice Flexible Listening

Active listening is one of the best techniques we can use to communicate well with others and avoid misunderstandings. The principles of active listening include the following: 1.  Truly pay attention to the speaker. Don’t let your mind or attention … Continue reading

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Homeless Shelter Cafeteria is Turned Into a 5-Star Restaurant!

WOW… take a look at what happened when, through donations of time, talent and a relatively small amount of money, the cafeteria in this homeless shelter was turned into a 5-star restaurant! (If you’re viewing this post in an e-mail … Continue reading

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Problem-Solving 101: Don’t Over-Think the Problem. Oh… And Ask Those Closest To It for Input

Sometimes when we have a problem, one temptation is to over-think it and come up with a solution that may solve the issue, but takes much longer and costs far more than necessary. Another temptation is to forget that those closest to … Continue reading

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Higher Engagement = Consistency = Better Customer Service

My good friend and fellow speaker, Bruce Wilkinson, speaks about the fact that there are two locations of the same fast-food franchise near his home. He consistently goes to one location, while avoiding the other. Why? They both serve the … Continue reading

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