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7 Ways to Show Respect – by GOING FIRST

When it comes to respect, I have two words for you: GO FIRST We all want to be shown respect; it’s a natural human condition. However, too often when we hear about respect (or a lack thereof), it’s because someone is … Continue reading

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Great Leaders Have an Overarching Vision but Pay Attention to the Little Things

A great leader has an overarching vision (“Wow, we can see for miles from here!”), but also remembers to pay attention to the little things (“Hey, where are my pants?!”) All good leaders have a vision of where they want … Continue reading

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5 WOW Ideas to Brighten Your Workplace All Year Round!

With the holiday season behind us (when it’s easy to find fun ideas to tie in our brand and efforts with the beauty of the season), we must continue to look for FUN ideas we can use to brighten our workplaces ALL year round. … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions… Why Don’t We Just Do Them Already?!

As all of us know, many people make New Year resolutions each January 1st… and most break them by February 1st (if they last that long)! I myself have been guilty of all of the above (more than once)! I’m … Continue reading

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