5 WOW Ideas to Brighten Your Workplace All Year Round!

With the holiday season behind us (when it’s easy to find fun ideas to tie in our brand and efforts with the beauty of the season), we must continue to look for FUN ideas we can use to brighten our workplaces ALL year round.

Here are five of my favorites.

1. Involve even the most unlikely tasks and participants in your branding, like these Superhero window washers at a children’s hospital in the U.S.! Superhero_windowashers















2. Decorate your grounds with artfully arranged flowers (even if they’re not quite as elaborate as this carpet of flowers in Brussels):












Or this flag of flowers in the U.S. Floral_flag


3. Get your team re-connected with their mission and purpose.

A global IT team for a children’s museum was having trouble working with each other. Most had never met each other, and working on the tiniest minutiae of the programming behind the scenes can get tedious, especially if it takes a while to see the fruits of your labor. So, museum leadership brought all participants together for a joint meeting in the city where the children’s museum was located. There, they were able to meet each other face-to-face, put faces with names, and create some bonding amongst team members. More importantly, they arranged a tour of the children’s museum during the hours that the museum was open. This allowed team members to see the faces of the children they were actually serving. They heard the laughter, watched them squeal in delight as they interacted with the exhibits. Leadership showed them how their programming affected the exhibits and made them more fun and exciting, as well as the new plans they had for the team’s efforts. Voila! This one trip re-invigorated the entire team, as they got connected to each other… but more importantly, re-connected to their ultimate customer and purpose: providing WOW experiences for the children who visited the museum.

4. Create unexpected surprises for your customers.

When we think of fast food, we don’t normally think of fresh flowers on the tables, or soothing décor in the restrooms. But one Chick-Fil-A in Florida does! I was so surprised when I entered this restaurant and found the decor below there. What a great surprise! The photos tell the story! (I stopped short of taking pictures in the restroom, which was also gorgeous, but below is the hallway leading to both restrooms – and if the hallway is that nice, imagine how nice the restrooms are!) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 
















5. Allow employees to decorate the breakroom as they wish.

One company allowed employees to decorate it as a box office at a movie theater, with black walls, movie posters, comfy chairs, and even popcorn and drink machines! Another workplace was decorated like a beach scene, with a beautiful mural on the wall and beach chairs and umbrellas set out in front of it. Sunglasses, reading materials and even snacks were available as well.




What creative ideas can you come up with to allow your teams to enjoy being at work all year round?

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