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Your Silence is Deafening: How to create INSTANT MAGIC with a few simple words…

Allow me to take you on a brief journey that demonstrates why communication is so important if you want to engage and keep loyal customers and employees. I’m at the airport, standing in line, waiting for my turn to order … Continue reading

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50 Ways to WOW Your Others – Tip #48: Change the Conversation

Tip #48: Change the conversation Get customers involved with helping you identify and create WOWs for them. When you ask people what will cause them to be WOWed, you can hit the mark more often than if you guess. My … Continue reading

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50 Ways to WOW Your Others – Tip #43: Share the App Love

Tip #43: Share the App Love Share a great app (or a bunch of great apps) with others. Share an app that will help someone save time, money or effort… or is just the coolest thing. My husband and his … Continue reading

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You’ve Mastered Active Listening… Now Practice Flexible Listening

Active listening is one of the best techniques we can use to communicate well with others and avoid misunderstandings. The principles of active listening include the following: 1.  Truly pay attention to the speaker. Don’t let your mind or attention … Continue reading

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To Serve Clients Properly, Sometimes You Have to Rock the Boat

Administrative Professionals and other service-based representatives are taught to always “smooth things over” and make problems go away.  They are the problem-solvers, the ones to whom responsibility often falls for getting things done, especially in the face of obstacles. However, … Continue reading

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5 Tips for More Positive Communications

“You still haven’t registered as a vendor in our system.” The representative’s very first words to me oozed with disdain and disrespect. “I went to the link I was given and filled out all the information. I even got a confirmation … Continue reading

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Are Your Communications Informative – or Scolding?

An attendee of one of my programs told me once that her HR Department used to tape notes near the time clock to remind employees of all the different policies they were supposed to follow. The notes were filled with … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want To Be A Squeaky Wheel!

I recently overheard a gentleman on an airplane reminding a colleague to call someone again, finishing his conversation with, “You know… the squeaky wheel and all.” We’ve all heard the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” (also known as, … Continue reading

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Humor Eases Difficult Messages

Have you ever had to deliver a difficult message? Or a boring one? Remember that a little dose of humor may just be the “spoonful of honey that makes the medicine go down” and find a way to appropriately connect with others on another level… through their funny bone! Continue reading

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