50 Ways to WOW Your Others – Tip #11: Go First!

Tip #11: Go First!

50 Ways to WOW, creating WOW leadership and customer service

Call someone who’s waiting for an answer from you before they call to ask you about it.

Even if you don’t know the answer yet, you can call to at least let them know you haven’t forgotten about them.

How often are we promised calls by people who never keep that promise? Create a WOW by calling someone who expects a call from you, even if you have to say, “I have nothing new to tell you, except one thing: I haven’t forgotten about you!”

After all, you may know you’re still working on the problem but just don’t have an answer yet, but do they know? To them you probably look like everyone else who has ever promised a return call, only to break that promise and never call back.

Make sure you never let them think you’re just like all those other people. Show them how different (how WOW) you really are by staying in touch and not letting them fret, worry and wonder what’s going on.


Remember, you can also:

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