50 Ways to WOW Your Others – Tip #49: Be the WOW in a World Full of OWs!

Tip #49: Be the WOW in a world full of OWs!

50 Ways to WOW, creating WOW leadership and customer service

Correct something that someone else has done wrong.

Even if you weren’t the cause, if there’s a way you can be the solution, you will create a WOW.

Things go wrong all the time. Sometimes we’re the cause; sometimes others are. But  we can still vow to correct anything that goes wrong (within our power).

For example, when I was a REALTOR, my vow was that “no customer would be harmed in the making of this deal!” One time, one of my sellers bought a new home. We scheduled the closing and 3 days before it, the contractor put the wrong floor in the kitchen… and the right floor was on backorder. Because of this, the sellers couldn’t get a Certificate of Occupancy, so they couldn’t move in. In the meantime, the buyers of their home had given up the lease on their apartment and had to move out.

I asked the contractor’s real estate agent to have the contractors put my sellers up in a hotel for a few days until the new floor could be put in; they refused. I finally got them to agree to allow the sellers to move their furniture into the house and garage so they didn’t have to store it, then I paid for a hotel room for them for 3 nights. It was the right thing to do – and the contractor obviously wasn’t going to do it.

Sometimes, someone has to step up and do the right thing – let it be you!


Remember, you can also:

Please leave your tips and suggestions for helping correct a situation, even when it wasn’t your fault.


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