What are the subtle signs that someone respects (or disrespects) you? (One-question survey)

Since so much of creating the WOWplace involves the nuances of communication between leaders and their people, as well as communications among peers at every level, I wanted to ask a question about the subtle signs of respect and disrespect that often guide our response to others, as well as our willingness to help them.

The signs of active respect and disrespect are easy to spot. But often we can’t see the positive or negative impact we have on others through our subtle actions and body language.

So please help bring to light the subtle ways (body language, tone of voice, nervous habits, gestures, certain phrases, and more) in which we convey positive messages that match our words… or negative messages that contradict them.

Please take this one-question survey and let me know the subtle ways people let you know how much they respect (or disrespect) you:

Click to take our one-question survey.

Thank you! Your answers will help us write more powerful posts on the impact of respect and its role in turning your workplace into a WOWplace!

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