Want Higher Employee Engagement? Use the WOWplace Rules Success Model!

Many organizations want to create WOW experiences. But if you attract customers and employees with big, flashy WOWs (cool products and services, fun ways of using them), don’t forget to also get the basics right – customer service, high employee engagement, taking ownership and respect. Keep in mind that employees who are treated well are motivated to ensure that customers are treated well.

Have your customers ever said, “I love your products, but not your customer service”? Do your associates seem to be just marking time because they believe they don’t matter?Help them re-engage by reminding them that everyone can make a difference by committing to their critical role in making exceptional experiences happen.

If your organization could use more consistency in its customer service, more recognition and inspiration from its leaders, and more respect and humanity in every interaction… or if you want to pump them up to even higher levels… take a look at The WOWplace Rules and see where your organization has room to improve.

If you’re viewing this post in e-mail and the video doesn’t show up, please click on the following link to view it: http://youtu.be/7SOg0_Mpx0M


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