50 Ways to WOW Your Others – Tip #23: Walk Your Talk

Tip #23: Walk your talk

50 Ways to WOW, creating WOW leadership and customer service

When you profess something, follow through.

It’s sad that this even has to be on the list, but so many people don’t walk their talk nowadays that it’s a real WOW when you find someone who actually does.

One area where this is crucial is in leads groups. If we want to get leads, we must keep our promises of follow-up.

For example, I have joined several leads groups in my community. At one meeting, an attorney got up with a great elevator speech: “I know many people have a problem with getting attorneys to call them back. Well, if you need an attorney, call me. I’ll call you back!”

WOW! He knew what one of the big problems in his industry was and vowed to be different! So, when one of my clients did need an attorney, I called him to make the introduction.

Guess what… he NEVER called me back! OW!!


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Please leave your tips and suggestions for building credibility and trust by walking your talk.


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